Seyren Windsor is a main antagonists in the series. He's a knight, highly respected by his fellow knights and civilians alike. He hired Eremes Guile as his boyguard, though it's unknown why he would want one in first place.

In Ragnarok OnlineEdit

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He's extremely strict and rigid when it comes when things, and expects everyone to work the way he says. He also gets frustrated quite easily and perfectionist, which does has a good side; at least all of his works are expected to be of high quality due of those, but can bring him more trouble than rewards.

Seyren has a formal speech and as such, adresses as people as their full names rather to nickname,s showing his emotional detatchment from others. In some way, he seems to have violent thoughts and can be really aggressive.



He was born in Prontera, in a very humble family. He was a talented child, and had chances to get himself into a high position if he worked enough, though he was interested in the chivalry. At some point, he met Randell and Egnigem, but neither of them like him that much. Nothing more is known about his background.


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Seyren's partyEdit

For more information, view the Seyren's party page. Consisting of Margaretha Sorin, Cecil Damon, Howard Alt-Eisen, Eremes Guile, Kathryne Keyron and Seyren himself. It's known that, in the past, they were very close to each other but have drifted apart nowdays for unknown motives. The only ones who have remained by his side are Eremes and Margaretha.

Margaretha Sorin - They have a particular relationship. It isn't really positive from Seyren's part, for some reason, Margaretha has decided to stay with him regardless.

Eremes Guild - His closest ally. Eremes acts out as some sort of bodyguard for Seyren, and it's extremely loyal to him, to the point of not questioning anything he says.

Other relationshipsEdit

Egnigem Ceina - They have met multiple times in the past. Egnigem is not particulary fond for him, and just refers to him as a pest. Why is this is unknown as no details for any backstory has been revealed.