Kavach Icarus is the second main character in the story. He's an archer, and acts out as some sort of balance to Armeyer.

In Ragnarok OnlineEdit

In-game, Kavach is one of the mobs that can be found in the Biolabs, the dungeon of Lighthalzen, introduced in episode 8. Doing quests related to Biolabs reveal that the Rekenber Corp has been doing a controversial research about the secrets of life, with implications of human experimentation, and which explains why and the other ghosts are around the place.

In order to enter the Biolabs, the player must complete a quest, which can be found here . To start it, your base level must be 60+ to do so.


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He comes from Payon. Nothing much is known about his backstory at the moment.


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Armeyer Dinze - In the start of the series, Kavach has been in love with her for an unknown time of period. While they're in good terms, Armeyer herself doesn't feel the same way about him.