Kathryne Keyron is a minor character within the fanwork series. She's a Wizard, unlike her videogame counterpart who was a High Wizard (transcendent variant).

In Ragnarok OnlineEdit

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She's well known for being dedicated to her job as a Wizard, and she seems to be rather fond for sweets since she's constantly asking Laurell to get her something to eat, and is seen normally with lollipops. While she's fond for sweets and has a somewhat childish looks, she's actually very serious and cold, and many are suprised that she willingly decided to take care of Laurell as her own disciple.

As another side of her personality, Kathryne is very formal, and generally only adresses people by their nicknames unless they're very close to her. She doesn't seem to really care about what people think of her, and can do and say insensitive things without caring that much.


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  • Elemental magic: Able to use different spells of all the elements, which range from fire, water, wind, earth and ghost. Her most common spells seem to be Jupitel Thunder and Storm Gust.


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