Gertie Wi is a minor character in the series. She's a Rogue, unlike her ingame counterpart who was a transcedent variant, and doesnt not play a huge role at all. She's neither a hero nor a villain.

In Ragnarok OnlineEdit

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Mischievous and tricky, those are the best traits to define her behaviour; she loves to play bad pranks on people and watch as they get angry over what she considers to be minor things. She is very opportunist, and generally does what is more convenient to her depending of situations, comes off as a dirty coward.

Gertie has a thing for big men in general, and will be really flitry towards any one who comes on her sight, and can make uncomfortable remarks about them. She really likes money, and would manipulate anyone in order to archieve it through her charms.



She was born in Morroc, or some say. All she has memory of is the Thief Guild, growing among criminals and tricksters like them. Nothing more is known about backstory.


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