Errende Ebecee is a minor character within the series. He's an acolyte, and has been training himself physically under Chen Ryu's request. He also seems to be close to Margaretha Sorin and regarded as pretty friendly.

In Ragnarok Online Edit

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Out of all the first jobs, he's technically the friendliest person, and is quick to make friends. He's optimistic and generally sees the good side of things. Margaretha describes him as hot-headed and can get in trouble if he's too appassionate or angry.



He was born in Prontera. At some point, he desired to join the St. Abbey Monastery, but Chen thought he wasn't qualified yet, and requested him to train physically and mentally under the care of Margaretha and come back when he was ready. Nothing more is known about his backstory.


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Chen Ryu - The two seem to get along well. Chen told Errende to train harder until he was actually ready to become a Monk.