Chen Ryu is a minor character in the series. He's a Monk who's highly respected in the St. Abbey Monastery. He hopes that someday he'll be in charge of Errende Ebecee, and train him personally.

In Ragnarok OnlineEdit

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One would expect monks to be very stoic, cold and calm; that's not Chen's case. He's extremely outspoke, hot-blooded and apassionate about his interests and duties. He's proud of the monastery, and won't let anyone to step on his pride.

To some degree, he seems to genuinely enjoy to inflict pains on others, doing so without much remorse later on.



He was born in Prontera, and decided to become a Monk due to his personal viewpoint. He has been always very close to Margaretha since he was an Acolyte. At some point, he told Errende to train harder so he could be ready to become a Monk. Nothing much is known about his backstory.

Randell's partyEdit

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Skills Edit

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Errende Ebecee -

Margaretha Sorin - During their time in the church, the two have been very good friends and have known each other for at least years. He keeps in constant contact with her, and assigned her to take care of Errende until he was finally ready to become a Monk.