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Be careful while browsing on this wikia, as there's mentions of gore and strong themes. Keep in mind this is mostly canon mixed with many headcanons made specifically for this story, in any case.

About & PlotEdit

Armeyer Dinze's Hellish Quest is a Ragnarok Online psychological horror and gore fanwork series by nanawan, set in an AU in which the biolabs mobs are alive, but heavier things are happening. It'll be published in 2015 and onwards.

Plot is simple; Howard Alt-Eisen goes missing under very enigmatic circunstances, and he left towards Lighthalzen without leaving a single trace ever since. Armeyer decides to take care of the matters by herself, in hopes to find her dear "brother", and heads towards Lighthalzen on her own, helped by Kavach Icarus.

Meanwhile, Seyren Windsor has rather obscure plans for the world of Rune Midgarts and its future. Are these two events related? And if so, how and why?

NOTE: This fanseries strictly follows a different timeline. The events, while still related to basic concepts of RO, it doesn't follow the RO2 timeline, as it takes place in an AU.

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